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Angels Restaurant's commitment to ensuring the safety of our customers and staff remains our number one priority. We closely monitor and follow all the applicable Government regulations and guidance - along with industry best practice and additional measures, designed to ensure your dining experience with us is not only safe, but also a relaxed and enjoyable one.

Our COVID- 19 policy sets out the additional measures (over and above our normal strict hygiene and operating standards) we are implementing and requiring (where applicable) our guests to follow.

All reservations are subject to the measures and expectations set out in this document alongside all Government guidance (as amended from time to time) around social distancing.



  • Angels will ensure that a full deep-clean and sanitise of our restaurant takes place, prior to each and every service.

  • We will provide and require all guests to utilise the hand sanitiser provided upon entering the premises.

  • Guests are currently required to wear a face covering when not seated in the dining room.

  • All our staff have received additional training on these measures and Government published guidance for restaurants and how they apply to Angels.

  • Staff will at regular intervals ensure that thorough hand washing and sanitisation is carried out.

  • In addition, this will be repeated on each and every occasion they are required to interact with a different table.

  • A full Covid-19 risk assessment has been carried out which now includes daily health and temperature checks for all our staff  prior to each service.

  • We are observing physical distancing wherever possible. Additionally, our staff will be using personal protection equipment (masks and gloves) for our guests' protection, when serving food or drink, or clearing tables.

  • The restaurant layout has been reviewed and has been  adapted to ensure the necessary  physical distancing where possible.

  • We have set out a simple “one way system” for guests and staff, with a separate entrance and separate exit into and out of the dining room.

  • We have reviewed our service procedures, to ensure we maintain our normal high levels of service, whilst minimising the number of occasions we need to visit each table, during your dining experience. Where possible this will mean the same member(s) of staff will look after your needs for the duration of your meal.

  • Guests are required to ensure compliance with all Government guidance and regulation surrounding the number of guests and the mixing of households. 

  • We  ask that all guests monitor their own health and well-being ahead of  visiting our restaurant. This is vital to help us keep everyone safe.  Should you display any Covid-19 symptoms, or feel unwell, you should seek the necessary medical guidance and not visit us whilst these persist.

  • Our individual bathrooms already ensure access to only one guest at a time. Additionally, we have increased our cleaning and sanitising schedules, during service.

  • In accordance with Government requirements, contact details will be required for each table, which may be passed to the necessary authorities upon request, under the Government “Test & Trace” program. The information will be stored and processed securely and in accordance with our Data protection policy.

  • Guests are encouraged to use the NHS QR app. to "check in" on arrival


  • We may reduce the number of days or times we are open and have limited the number of tables and guests during each service.

  • We are required to follow the strict Government closing times (currently 10pm). We therefore request that guests choosing our 6 course menu, should select an arrival time of 7pm or earlier, to ensure a relaxing dining experience. 

  • We have also extended our staggered  arrival times, to minimise the number of people arriving at the same time.

  • We would ask all our guests to arrive promptly at the appropriate arrival time. Please do not arrive early.

  • Guests are requested to wear a face covering in accordance with current requirements and will be taken through to the dining room and directly to their table upon arrival.

  • We will not be operating a cloak room facility, and would ask that guests either leave coats in their vehicles, or take these through to their table with them.

  • We are operating a table service only. Drinks will not be serviced in the bar. All drinks will be served at tables in the dining room.

  • Menus are published on our website and guests should “pre-order” menu choices in advance to minimise contact upon arrival. Where menus are required, these will be single use.

  • Cutlery will be laid for each table a short time  before each table is seated. Table linen, including napkins will be freshly  laid and changed for each table.

  • Our current wine list is published on our website and we would ask that wine selections are pre-ordered so we may have your selection ready for you.  Paper copies of the wine list will not be available in the restaurant.

  • Water and wine choices will be on your table ready for you. We will not routinely pour these for you unless specifically requested.

  • We will not be providing condiments on each table unless specifically requested. Where required these will be either be single use or sanitised prior to being brought to your table.

  • Bills will be brought to your table and payments will be made at the table also.

​We appreciate everyone’s support, co-operation and adherence to this document which is designed to ensure the very best dining experience for all our guests, whilst ensuring the safety of everyone; our guests and our staff.

We look forward to welcoming you to Angels.

24th September 2020

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